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Robomow - Live world cup 2014 Campaign

During the Final 4 games of the 2014 Mondial. We created a Parallel 4 videos of Robots playing football. The videos were released minutes after the real game has ended.
and had EXACTLY the same teams that played on the real match.
counting on the search waves of summaries a day after a game.

Produced for Mamash Productions

Director : Yaniv Shmeltzer - for Mamash Productions
Editor : Amit Sides
Creative : Eran Erlik
D.O.P : Oran Avivi
Producer : Nadav Lapid

As you can imagine, it was quite a challenge; our nifty little robots had no idea how to kick, jump or run after a ball. In fact, the first time we let them on the field... they thought they were there to mow the lawn.

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